being child-like


Having a child-like faith fuels our passions in life and are essential to our well-being and walking in the callings God has placed on our lives.

But what if we give up on those passions? What if they seem too big and too hard and we’ll never reach the dream we have? What if we struggle with knowing exactly which direction He wants us to go?

I’ve found myself in this place of confusion many times over the past few years. One minute I think God wants me to do this, the next minute I think I should do that, and so on and so on, never having a peace about it. I know myself enough that if I don’t have peace about something, then I need to “be still”, know that God is who He says He is, bigger than me and giving me the strength and power to do all things through Christ.


So I get still, and I wait, and listen. And His often small voice whispers to me the path I should take. And if it feels bigger than me, then I know I’m on the right path. Because He sometimes calls us to do things outside of ourselves so He can show us who He is and that we can’t do things without Him.

We were made to create. we were made to do great things.

Being made in the image of God tells me that I’m a creator. I have been given passions, gifts and talents that are my own DNA. No one else is like me. No one else is like YOU. Just because there are a million photographers, a zillion digital content creators and a bazillion authors doesn’t mean that I can’t give the world what I have to offer.

Now I’m not saying I’m so great at everything I do, because I’m not. Jesus is the only reason I have the gifts and passions I do because He sets those in my heart to fulfill the callings He has given me. But I believe our callings are fueled with our passions and those passion come from Christ who lives inside us.

So I believe that if we are going to step on the path, venture into the journey, stand tall and give good into the world, we need to have a child-like-faith like never before!


Go out in the world and do good things. Be a Doer. Give more than you take. Walk in Faith, love and joy and fulfill those passions because the world needs YOU!

Robin LongComment