robin writes 



When God first impressed the words on me, “WOVEN IN THE WOMB,” I just stood in awe of how He was using my gifts to share the message of Jesus through visual imagery of newborn artistry. Four years went by that I sat on these words and didn’t do much with them. He gave me the scripture Psalm 139:13-16 and I began to use these words in my newborn work.


As time went by, my love for writing became more intense and I could feel the desire burning deep in my heart to begin. So I began writing and exploring more about creation and why we are here and what a creative girl is supposed to do with her gifts. And then I knew God was calling me to share my newborn art through VISUAL SCRIPTURAL STORYTELLING.


Thus began this PURPOSE PROJECT of “Woven-in-the Womb.”

It is my hope that you will continue to follow along with me on this faith-filled, purpose-driven-writing-journey where I will write about the things God puts on my heart relating to CREATION, and NEW LIFE and how big OUR GOD truly is! And some day, soon I hope, I will release the first book of Woven-in-the-Womb and it will be a testimony to our Masterful Creator.